When Something …

When Something Bad Happens – You Have Three Choices – You Can Either Let It Define You – Let It Destroy You Or You Can Let It Strengthen You

Sorry for no blog! WordPress?! What’s up?? I write a blog and it would disappear and not save it!! GRRR. But to the story….

 In the last month it’s like I played shoots and ladders and got shot to….I don’t even know where. Maybe my life was already changing before I even realized it.

My mother tells me I’m getting good at compartmentalizing….I’m not sure mom some days it feels like I’m in the funny house of mirrors just trying to make it out on the other side. Don’t get me wrong….I will make it out and when I do I’ll be a little wiser and stronger.

Too many weird things have happened lately. Trying to keep my husband de-stressed has finally stressed me, our old house burning down and dealing with insurance,  trying to maintain myself and be a good/patient mother to my children who are thrown WAY out of their routine, and still just going about my business in a house that isn’t ours.

You know me and people that really know me, know that I get on my soap box about life and dealing with it, by our response, choices and outlook. SO…..

….I only know that I don’t want to get my ass kicked by life….so my saying to myself as of late is go kick some ass, don’t let life kick yours. Because no matter what you’re doing, no matter what life you live, life will happen.

Today go out and try to refocus…do the things you usually do, give your workouts twice the push, don’t put up with anything you don’t have to, do something that makes you smile,  get your determination in place and move forward. Because I don’t know about you….but if something bad is going to happen….you can guarantee it’s going to make me stronger.

Have a happy Monday, be kind…go kick some ass!

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