Tasty Tuesday–Watermelon Drink

Tasty Tuesday--Watermelon Drink

Okay…I admit, I haven’t actually made nor tried this recipe yet….but cut me some slack we are renting out a house at the moment! Talk about out of routine!

SO, someone try this and let me know! The only modification I would make (go figure I would change up a recipe) is the sourness…I love sweet but I love the combo of sweet and sour, so I would probably add some lemon juice to help cut down the sweetness of the watermelon. Now if you’re a big sweet tooth person…leave it! πŸ™‚

You’ll need:
Half a watermelon, a full lime, and ice cubes.

Blend the watermelon in a blender with or with seeds, whatever you prefer…I would personally go without. Add about 8-12 cubes and squeeze your lime into the mix. Blend all that up until you get the slush/ice consistency.

This sounds sooo good….I want it now! It’s got to be refreshing on these hot days. YUM!

Have a tasty day, be kind!

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