Thankful Thursday—Playdough fun

Okay, so this craft isn’t handmade or anything too exciting but it keeps my little ones busy for such a long time! It works their cognitive skills, sensory skills, motor skills,  it’s imaginative and if you get in the fun with them–you can’t help but feel relax and enjoy your creations.

PLAYDOUGH is my friend. There are numerous ways you can make homemade play dough easily (Pinterest is aHmaYzing!), but lately since we have been in between houses etc I just bought some. However, this time when I bought the playdough I bought the “sweet shop” creation kit. This little kit had all the tools (knives, icing piping, cupcake holder, cookie maker) to have hours of fun. Cheap ($11-15) and well worth it for what it provides.

My littlest one has a hard time not wanting to just tear it all to pieces BUT that’s her being part of all the fun and learning just the same.

Ahhh, and as I type this on the front porch….it’s starting to rain…..makes today even better!

Be kind and have a Thankful Thursday!

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