Freedom Friday–Haters and Paula Deen

Freedom Friday--Haters and Paula Deen

Whoo-hoo it’s Friday!

I don’t get the whole Paula Deen thing, well, I do….people are ridiculous. Most wonder why I have such a low opinion of the human race and BOOM there it is. What people just want to be cruel for….what? What difference will it make if Paula Deen never does anything again, how will it affect you personally?? The things Paula Deen has done or said shouldn’t even register on a richter scale compared to MOST if not ALL young/old celebrities. What’s the difference?

I get so sick of haters. Really? Good things happen to people, or they make their dreams happen, or they go out and do good things and we have to find something to tear apart? REALLY? A bit backwards. But we focus on the 30K prisoners in California on a hunger strike and we are SO upset by THIS?! Looks like a bonus to me, clear out the prisons and pay less tax dollars…I see no problem…

Overcome envy, an insane amount of jealousy and greed and maybe….

Things shouldn’t matter to you unless they affect you directly. If they don’t, be happy for those people that are ONLY creating the world they want. If it bothers you…Go Create the world YOU want!

That’s my soap box for today….I know I don’t have time for haters, but sure….I’ll give them reasons to hate 😉
BE KIND……Happy Friday

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