I love my white shoes–Thankful Thursday

I love my white shoes--Thankful Thursday

I know, I know…I continuously say I haven’t blogged in forever. True Story.

I think it’s good to keep a schedule or routine especially in the middle of chaos. It’s good to find the peace when everything else seems to be twisting. So, I will try HARDER to write daily again along with some other things I’ve lagged off of in my personal life.

Now, Pete the Cat and his White Shoes. ..Great book. Poor Pete has some amazing white shoes that he loves and sings about. Then he steps in something that turns his shoes a different color and he sings about that. He steps in “stuff” numerous times, but instead of freaking out or “crying” about it (as it says in the book) he goes about singing his song that he loves his shoes.

The moral of the story?
That in life, no matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song….
because really, it’s all good.

For me I’m pretty good at getting knocked around but I tend to want to control or know the answers as to why something is or isn’t. Maybe I’ve met the people I have in my life lately to help with this need for control. It will either help me or drive me crazy….I’m not too sure which one yet.

However, I love this book and I love that my daughter loves it. Because, even though my life seems to be a bit on the weird end lately, my daughters are healthy and for the most part happy. We have a roof over our heads, good food to nourish us, and another day.

As always…I’m thankful. Thankful for my life and thankful that I can step in various things and still keep singing.

Live today and be kind.

Happy Thursday 😉