Tasty Tuesday–Chocolate Pumpkin filled cupcakes


So my little one had her big 4th birthday but she has yet to have her birthday party. So of course I’ve been testing out different recipes and such. These cupcakes she ate on her birthday but the actual day of her party she’s already explained she’d like something else. Anyways, these are too simple for words because these I didn’t make from absolute scratch. At first I was unsure if the pumpkin would cook or not, but it all worked out just fine. I did preheat my oven to 375 degrees however instead of the 325 listed on the box. Eeeek, I said it box…that’s right, the easy peasy cake mix box…what can I say? It’s been a rough year! 😉 Besides it doesn’t take away from the yumminess and you’re always welcome to make the cupcakes from scratch because that too is easy just not super fast. My pumpkin was homemade… Does that count?

You’ll need:

A box of chocolate cake mix (I use sugar free)
A can of pumpkin
Small can of evaporative milk
Pumpkin spice or cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg
Cupcake liners

So, give your cupcake tin a good spray and then whip up your cake mix and pie mix–follow the instructions on the box/can. Pour the cake mix into the cupcake liners that you’ve laid in the cupcake tin, then just take a spoonful or a dollop of the pumpkin pie and place it in the middle of each chocolate cake batter.

Let them cook for about as long as you usually would the cupcakes, but maybe 5 minutes longer to make sure the pumpkin has cooked also.

When you take them out the cake mix will baked around the pumpkin. Pretty yummy. A lot of people are fans of the chocolate and pumpkin flavors coinciding…I can’t say it’s my favorite, because I feel like it takes away from both flavors but I did think they were good.

Give them a try and let me know!

Happy Tuesday–be kind

2 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday–Chocolate Pumpkin filled cupcakes

    1. I’m such a pumpkin lady lately. I loooove it without it being fall but in fall I want the pumpkin all the time! Go whip some up and let me know if you like the chocolate and pumpkin combo! 🙂


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