Wordy Wednesday and Jim Carrey

“I can tell you that the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”–Jim Carrey

You know… I’ve struggled with this quote lately even though I completely agree with it. We’ve become so wrapped up in a society of trying to gain worth from social media, likes/followers, what we drive, where we work, what we “do”, where our children attend school and what bag/clothes we have on.

To even really think that is…well… ridiculous.

In my my case I was losing focus, I started focusing on how much income I was or wasn’t bringing home. I was dismissing the fact I have an enormous amount of freedom, live a good-great life, my availability to my daughters- which has always been of most importance. However, as they’ve grown older, I figured I should be doing better. I was dismissing the fact that I’m told often how much people love seeing me, visiting with me, the girls wrapping their arms around me with deep security and love, the work I do around the house and even outside, the thanks I get from teachers for being there, for giving others my time. Now… not everyone has those opportunities and I’m very aware and aware I’m fortunate.

I feel like people have forgotten that success isn’t all about your work. It’s about being and looking within yourself to constantly grow, becoming a better individual, friend, family member, spouse, parents (bc for goodness sakes if you have children lead them and develop them into incredible little adults). Success is letting your knees hit the floor during prayer, having gratitude, letting go of the past, overcoming life or childhood, looking people in the eye, having manners, taking time to realize who you are or what would make you better across the board. Success isn’t how well you did your hair, how many likes you get, how often you’re on your phone, the games or videos – that’s all dandy but build a life worth living. Things fade, cherished moments pass….

Let’s have success y’all- let’s have value/currency in those we come across. With ourselves! The way we speak to ourselves, the thoughts towards ourselves. Let’s have success by being different rather than doing what everyone does to get the “like”. I just think when it’s all said and done and wherever we go when we pass from here… the overall evaluation isn’t going to be based on likes, clothing, material things, or if we did what was popular or where our kids went to school…. it’s just not.

Be successful, be kind, try to remember or attempt to remember who you are and what exactly your true value is.

Much love- BEX

Thoughts and tastes

THOUGHTS: Gosh, it’s been years since I’ve been on here. Not only did major life changing events happen- and well, still continue to happen (such is life?) But time has passed. Much time.

However, my love for writing has not changed and I suppose it’s become stronger, hence the reason I’m back. I also still feel the desire to make a difference not only within myself but somehow be of help to others. I’m still in love with poetry, fitness, recipes, motherhood, curiosity about randoms and my own walk through this world and how it serves my soul best and how I can return the compliment back to the world.

In coming back to the blog world I’ve wondered if I should change anything or follow the theme I was…. and I suppose I’m sticking with what I was doing. I seem to not only be a creature of habit but I still have too many topics/things I’m interested in.

You know even as I type all this out I can’t help but smile. Life has happened, enormous amounts of changes but also enormous amounts of growth (I hope)… and that in itself is beautiful. Also, an interesting thought that even with all the changes and events, the small things like writing and such, still bring me just as much joy and pleasure, if not more. As much as those events can occur and change your life and also change who you become or your direction…. I’m still the woman, young girl, small child that I’ve been and I think to a degree we all are. The part of me that realizes this is just grinning ear to ear- dancing to the beat of her own drum.

Your happiness isn’t everyone else’s. My happiness and yours is not the same… and that’s a beautiful thing. That alone should make us happy- not wanting to mimic each other’s. I wish you the best in your journey and hope that somehow if you’re reading this… I can make a difference in it.

TASTE: Now for the yummy…. I made a pizza for my daughters. Food is of such importance to these gals and I like to try and change it up for their belly’s (and let’s face it, the whole “we’re having that again” comment) but I want them to get the nutrition that they so need. I’ve found a crust at good ol’ Walmart in the refrigerated section with the biscuits and croissants and not only are it’s ingredients good but it makes for an awesome crust.

Last night, I did tomato sauce first, with minced garlic, pizza seasoning, pink Himalayan salt, mozzarella cheese, stewed tomatoes, black olives, pepperoni, and spinach. Little more salt and more cheese on top to finish it all off. The girls ate it with gusto and I felt good about what they were eating. It maybe took five minutes to make and I baked at 400 degrees for about 12 or so minutes.

I’m a fan of things like this because it’s super quick and nutritious– soooo much better than spending $5 on a little caesars pizza y’all. Just saying.

What kind of pizza is your favorite to make?

Until tomorrow….

Much love- BEX