Hill Repeats

Every runner or person wants the push to become faster or even something to change up the routine and hill repeats are awesome for this…. and let me tell you, brutal!! (Makes them more fun.) For as tough as these repeats are, they have so many benefits for your training or just to become in better shape. These repeats increase endurance, speed, and make your mental and physical game strong just from the challenge alone. You want to find a hill with enough incline to be a hill (ha) but not something that may torture you so much that form and fun are taken from the exercise.

The idea is you find the hill and either sprint or run up at about a 5k pace to the top and then jog back down, repeating this 4-8 (even 10) times. On the jog down you’ll want your body to just relax and carry itself so that you’re not even more tired, because trust me if you’re putting in the effort after the second hill you begin to wonder what you were thinking!! And let me just say if that does cross your mind, you’re thinking you want to be stronger and faster and kick some tail THAT’S WHAT! 🤪

How To Run Hill Repeats:

1. Do these after you’ve had a small warmup before 10-15 minutes is fine.

2. Find your hill and make sure it’s at least 100m or so, remember tough enough to get the benefits but not so tough form and fun are ruined.

3. Be looking a little ahead of you so you’re focused on the hill. Don’t stare at you’re feet or the top of hill but about 10ft in front of you.

4. Run up at 5k or sprint pace, push hard and pay attention to your form. Your arms should be helping you pump up the hill, your posture should be fairly straight.

5. When you reach the top you should be breathing hard! Your legs even might hurt, just keep breathing and take it slow back down. Let the jog be your cool down, shake out your arms if you need to.

6. Repeat this; If you’re beginner I recommend doing 2-3 repeats and then try to add more as you go weekly, advanced should be able to do 6 up to 10. This is a good exercise to do once a week and it’s never a bad thing to choose various hills, inclines, or challenges.

This is a wonderful thing to accomplish because of the physical challenges but also the mental. You’ll feel great after because it was difficult but you proved you can do it. You’ll see with time that your endurance and speed really are improved.

Take care out there 💕

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