Challenge accepted

So recently I’ve been doing lots of introspective thinking and deciding how I probably need to change my mind about some things. One- was that I reminded myself that this is my life. My life only. Yes, I do my best to be a good wife, mother, daughter, friend etc. but I just reached a point of feeling like I didn’t care anymore about the other stuff (people thoughts, opinions, doing things that don’t make me happy…etc).

I decided with this that I was going to really think about what I wanted and how I want to live. How I want to touch peoples lives, make myself a better person, and be better across the board. By doing so I felt released from many things (maybe even my own burdens) and opportunities started presenting themselves.

One challenge is to remember the magic of this world and the joyful things in it. The other challenge is to retrain my mind on certain things. And lastly, I’m challenged to get myself in better shape while inspiring others letting them know what’s possible. The challenge of alllll these challenges is to stay in the moment and to remind myself that I’m capable of these things and more.

So challenges accepted. The opportunities are greatly appreciated big and small. I start my fit challenges soon (I’ll have a before picture as soon as I gather the nerve) so that should be entertaining, especially considering that I quite by accident chose one of the hardest challenge packages 🤣🤪. If you’re wanting a new physical challenge or just to get in better shape- whatever the story may be, join me through this journey!

Click on My Fitspo page for more info 🙂

Much love 💕

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