Girls best friend

I’ve been super sentimental lately with this guy. I’ve had him now for 11 years and the more he groans when he lays down or the more lumps I find on him, the more I try to cherish our time.

He’s been one of my absolute blessings. When he came into my life 11 years ago (which, by the way- how the heck is that possible?! I’m only like 15 😜) I wasn’t necessarily wanting a pet. I walked outside with a bunch of rough and tumble pups and out of about six of them, this little chubby fur ball comes over- sits in front of me and looks up and that was it- I knew we were supposed to be together. He’s the smartest..I swear he gets English, responds to a lot of things with yips, groans or look, he’s comical.

He’s been my protector, supporter (you’d be surprised) and workout partner for all this time. I’m quite positive when my first daughter was born he didn’t approve of the whole deal. He didn’t dislike her, but I’m thinking he thought he was meant to be the only child and I really messed it all up. Regardless of his feelings about that- he’s protected them and herded them (and myself) numerous times. He loves us. He just can’t help himself. And he has our love in return.

💕 it’s all about those memories and moments… cherish them.

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