Lemon-ACV- Ginger Drink

I was raised being healed or treated with all sorts of old fashioned remedies and some far fetched ones along with medicinal. I suppose that’s why I know about these concoctions long before they became popular! But I’ll tell you the benefits of these ingredients and why I recommend women AND men make it part of their daily intake. This drink is also surprisingly refreshing, sometimes consuming just water gets old.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Controls blood sugar with it’s anti glycemic effects that improve insulin. Treat Constipation due to the pectin, triggers weight loss from the acetic acid, and prevents the build up of body and liver fats.

Lemon: Aids digestion, High Vitamin C which also improves skin, supports weight loss due to its polyphenol antioxidants, promotes hydration and also freshens the breath.

Ginger: Relieves nausea, detoxes, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (aids in relieving pain).

Collagen: Anti-aging, immune boost, supports joints, ligaments cartilage and bone, heals the gut, arthritis and helps with cellulite.

Magic in a Nalgene

To make for a Nalgene—

++ add 2 caps ACV, 2 caps lemon, tsp Ginger, and scoop or pack of collagen. 2 squirts or package of stevia.

To make for a class just cut in half.

This does wonders for my stomach and my energy!

Hope y’all enjoy. I personally would try it for a few months to see the benefits then decide if you like or not. 😉


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