Roll Out

The Benefits of a Foam Roller! Don’t have one? May want to seriously considering purchasing one, they can be a massage alternative and incredibly helpful. They may or may not be slightly on the painful side, but it’s that let out a shriek/laugh kind of pain. I’m kidding, it’s not that bad.


Foam rollers are known as the myofascial release, the application of pressure to eliminate scar-tissue and soft-tissue adhesion. This exercise helps you become stronger, faster, less injury prone, and may even help reduce cellulite ladies! Doing this a few times a week/daily improves circulation, reduces soreness and improve flexibility. The use of the roller can even lower cortisol that happens during exercise. The Illotibial band (AKA IT band) runs from the top of your leg by your hip and runs through to your knee down. This is a major benefit to relieve the stress/tension from this band.

You’ll want to make sure when rolling that you lay and roll across your hamstrings (back legs), glutes (booty), quads (front legs), IT band, upper and lower back. Take your time and go slow, but pay attention to your body. If it’s causing a lot of pain–stop. Take your time but don’t go too slow, your body weight plus the pressure of the roller is causing quite the compression and moving knots among other things along.

4 mistakes you can make:

1=Staying in 1 spot too long, 2=moving too quickly, 3= working too much on the already injured area, and 4=using bad posture and form.

The roller requires balance and making sure you’re not overcompensating your back or something else while trying to roll.

Definitely worth the small investment for this big benefits, but do your research after purchasing so that you are using proper technique and not causing any issues.

Happy Roling

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