Wanna Taco bout it?

I can’t help it-Full blown dork here.

SO as we know I like to say that you can feed your children/self quick meals that can still be nutritious. This is one of the quickest meals but a favorite that circles around our dinner table. STEAK TACOS! In all honesty I’m a fan of buying steaks at Albertsons when there is a fancy special, buy 1 get 2/3 deal!

My favorite is to grill these steaks and serve with asparagus or Brussel sprouts as a main meal and then later use the meat as leftovers for yummy quick tacos.

First, in a large bowl I chop romaine lettuce and coleslaw mix and add to a bowl, drizzling (VERY LITTLE) ranch or cilantro ranch into the mix. Sprinkle a smidge of pink Himalayan salt-dash of pepper.

I cut the leftover steak put in a pan with a smidge (maybe 1/2tsp or less) of avocado oil, garlic, and onion. I grill the onion and then add the steak, pouring some Braggs Liquid Aminos over the meat.

Add the lettuce/slaw mix, then the meat, shredded cheese if you’d like, chop up some cilantro to sprinkle over.

My favorite thing of tacos? You can become absolutely creative and add your own favorite ingredients. You can chop cucumber, add feta cheese instead of shredded ….maybe a corn/black bean/salsa mix…your options are endless! get creative…these are just some of our family favorites.

**I typically like to use corn tortillas, softened in oil and salt. But every now and then family vote wins and I use just the crunchy taco shells from the store.

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