Just like Magic

Well it happened. I finally have found something other than motherhood or myself to completely embrace and emerge myself into. I’ve found that I have something I love and something I feel fulfilled doing. And as I’m told quite a bit recently, that alone is a blessing.

It all started with the challenge….then I began accepting ALL challenges. Don’t think I can sing? Try me. Wanna race? I’ll give you a head start! Yes, it’s madness! I might just end up attempting all sorts of things on this journey of life.

My most favorite thing and probably what I’ve struggled to find my “career” in forever? Helping people and Fitness. I’ve been active since I was three but I’ve yet to enjoy what I’m doing now 95% of the time. It’s always wanting to make a difference….and well, I’ve found it. I found something that provides another source of income, freedom in my own scheduling, major perks and bonuses with the company…all to help others. So, just like magic–I’m in love. Not just in love with the “work”, but also the workouts and the nutrition side of it…I don’t have one single thing I DON’T like. Can I get an amen?!

I want to share this opportunity with those out there that are struggling for their niche. If they want to help others become better than yesterday. To remind people they can do anything and help guide them along the way. You can be in any shape or have any body type, you just need to be amazing in your own way. Live 2018 in a new way, new mindset while becoming a better version of yourself.

Please email me if interested: Email or  Instagram

Here’s to new adventures and finding your magic wherever or whatever that may be.


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