Children’s Nutrition

Good morning!! This may be a sensitive subject, but one that often doesn’t get brought up enough or maybe something parents don’t think much of.   Overall, I feel parents have the best of intentions. Nobody wants to create horrible lifestyle or eating habits right? Nobody wants to think they’ve already caused health issues for their children.

The reality? If you’re feeding your child fast food, processed food, sugar..and sugar…and SUGAR. You’re already creating those issues. It’s proven time and again what these foods do not only to our bodies, but our health and everything that stems from that.

Sometimes we often get on a health kick ourselves but continue to feed our child fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, or just pick up those happy meals because they’re fast. There are so many options now for “fast” yet healthy.  We often will use these “treats” for behavioral rewards. However, what you’re teaching your child is if they do anything good they deserve to reward themselves with unhealthy foods. How often is that used today in adults?? Constantly! (Cheat meals …overindulging in candies).

Is balance a nice and wonderful thing? Sure. We all have days that aren’t the healthiest. But if you’re making sure you eat well….your child deserves every bit of that same self love and awareness of nutrition, not to mention that health habits you’re instilling in them.

For those that say, “well they just won’t eat anything healthy” they absolutely will once they’re hungry enough and once you’ve stopped overloading their bodies with the unhealthy options.

Something I love and purchased for a snack on the go or just for added nutrition for my daughters in the morning? This wonderful pack of nutrients, tasty-sweetened with stevia, filled with enough protein and vitamins. These are safe and healthy options. There’s ALWAYS a better option than junk. Think better habits. Period. 💕

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