Comfort is the enemy

Fear and comfort….what a duo. The two are trying to take over constantly in this world. What a waste of life spending our time dwelling on these two things. Living in fear over things that don’t happen, the possibility that they might, or your own fear of not being good enough, ready, blah blah get in the way.

The comfort….the short comfort food or drinks provide. The comfort of not wanting to BE UNCOMFORTABLE. The comfort of doing the exact same thing daily. Talking to the same people knowing they don’t do you a bit of good. The comfort of not wanting to push any boundaries because it might hurt. Don’t want to try a new workout, it may be uncomfortable, it may push you, it may be hard. What about all things that can hurt you emotionally, physically, mentally or just be a risk because it hits a pain point.

Our life wasn’t meant to be comfortable. We weren’t meant to sip martini’s on the beach everyday. We were meant to learn and grow. Everything that happens is for growth, so that we can become our higher self. The person God intended us to be. But if we’re spending our time zoned out on the TV every free second we get? If you’re going to the bar that gives you a hit only momentarily? If you still have friends that aren’t worth anything and continue to bring you down? GET UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Stop wasting life! Be uncomfortable and make uncomfortable changes. Take the lessons and learn from it all. Otherwise, you’re just that person that came here and what? You didn’t grow, you didn’t develop, you didn’t serve a purpose, you didn’t push to make a difference….you just stayed comfortable.

When it’s all said and done…and there’s no growth…possibly more damage than good….what was your purpose?

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