Shake it up

Say Hello to my lil’ friend…more like my best friend, especially as of late.

I am huge on this meal replacement shake. I have a hard time finding something that won’t hurt my stomach, but I don’t have any issues with Shakeology. It’s incredible. Jammed packed with super foods, nutrition and vitamins all vital for our daily intake.

Since drinking Shakeology I’ve cut out my vitamins and other supplements that I felt the CONSTANT NEED for. Now? I haven’t even felt like my body “needed” anything extra since drinking a shake a day. Our company has so many incredible products launching and this is just a fantastic add on!

I’m sure people here, “try this, it’s different than the others” well this superfood? REALLY is different from anything I’ve had.

I’ve attached a short video:  Shakeology Video

If you’re looking for that perfect meal replacement that comes in Vegan and Whey form? This is it!! Tasty and flavorful and extremely filling!!! No JUNK, no added sugars!

You can choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or café latte. Strawberry is probably my personal favorite. Mix with water or milk/almond milk. Some even make desserts with their mix (recipes are included.)

Shop Shakeology

Our health is worth every penny!

Enjoy! 💕

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