Childhood Favorites

It’s funny, right? A song you’ll hear that will take you to your memories. A smell that comforts you. Food that makes you feel loved and little again.

What are some of your favorite trigger memories?

For me it’s typically the oddest things that will make me feel so comforted. Birds chirping…smell of a mopped floor….and this recipe.

When we had fresh tomatoes my mom would cut it up and lay it on toast with peanut butter (before we were all allergic to it). Sprinkle some salt on that and WOW.

Recently I’ve made that….shared it with my own daughters. Its these moments when I am able to hold the comfort of my own memories and provide those for my daughters that I’m filled with joy.

**I use the Sarah Lee 45 bread, almond butter, himalayan salt and a home grown tomato.

I wish this tomato came from myself but we all went to the farmers market where I loaded up on natural goodness.

I know it seems like quite the combo, but it’s delicious! Give it a shot πŸ˜‰

–I also totally love toast with almond butter and olives (YEP) black or green! It was an old pregnancy craving that’s stayed with me!

Enjoy πŸ’• let me know what you think!!!

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