WOW! Oils have always been an essential in our home but it sure does feel like it comes in seasons. Times where I feel like we will always use them vs. not so often. Lately, I’m constantly diffusing for a nice aroma and allergies, rubbing lavender on bites, and putting them in my baths to soak the sore muscles away!

I’ve mentioned Plant Therapy, but I CANNOT get over how effective they are with our family. I love Plant Therapy’s missions statement. Their BIGGEST mission is to make oils accessible to families and they give back to charity.

With all the bugs, summertime Nature Shield is something I’m keeping handy. Not to mention the aroma of it. I thought ya’ll might like this coupon/code! Check out their site! Cannot say enough about their quality, customer service and overall quality!

EXCLUSIVE! Get 15% Off Nature Shield Essential Oils at Plant Therapy! Use Code SPOTLIGHT5 and Save! HURRY, Offer Ends 6/28! (Limit 1 Per Customer)

Let me know your thoughts! What are your favorite oils?

Enjoy! 💕


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