Hello there! I am many things and a lover of many odds and ends is more the truth than anything.  I’m an old school gal born in the wrong era but I try to work with what I’ve got. You’ll typically find me around the house barefoot with hair high in a bun, talking to my plants and animals (Yep, totally going to be that lady). Heels when I’m out and about and sneakers when I mean business.

Fitness is a major passion of mine and helping others live their most optimal life goes hand in hand with that. I believe in strength and moving forward and pushing your boundaries. I believe in our will to overcome if we will take the time to figure out what’s affecting us so greatly. I feel we waste our time on things that aren’t going to be relevant when we leave this place. And I won’t waste a second being around others that don’t push and support me, negativity, job I hate, or life that I feel isn’t thriving.

Family is everything and I believe in raising strong adults, not grown children. I want to be better than yesterday. The best news? It’s all a choice. So I think I’ll choose to believe in magic, God, fairy tales (and fairies if we’re being real), kicking ass and loving others.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello friend “Welcome to the world of blogging! I’m a relative newbie myself, but I can tell you that it’s a fanTAStic creative outlet. I wish you all the best ” I like your first line of your about section…
    Thanks cyril


    1. Thanks for the welcome Cyril! Somehow I have a lot on my plate but still managing to have something to talk about! (If you knew me that’d be no surprise!) Thanks for checking me out! 🙂


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