To Cook With Love: Breakfast Muffins

I’m not sure when I started enjoying cooking and baking as much as I do now. I’ve been on a binging kick of buying cookbooks and making as many recipes as I think our family can handle. Lately, the True Roots cookbook by Kristin Cavallari has been a huge hit. I literally love almost all of her recipes and they really are quite simple. When I’m not trying out others recipes, I do my best to remember what my daughters love or have cravings for….and lets face it-they’re pros at just telling me what they want.


This morning I did a healthier “McMuffin Sandwich” both of my daughters prefer their eggs different ways, I love that the English muffin and egg is filling, avocado- they get great fats, and provides them some nutrition to start the day. Biggest bonuses–it’s not fast food, I know all the ingredients are real and nothing else is added. AND, I can make six of them for the price of one at some restaurant or some fast foods chains.

The recipe is super easy:

English Muffin–Toasted

Eggs to your liking (we do scrambled and over easy)

Cheese to your liking (the girls love American or Cheddar but Pepper Jack is a nice touch.

Half avacado-sliced and smashed—if you prefer

I like to typically pair the Muffin with some fruit on the side.

Get crazy–try out something else you think might sound yummy!!

My oldest daughter, notices all the details (which is ironic because she can never find what I send her to search for haha).  But the little extras? Holiday decorations, little notes in lunch boxes, and today strawberries shaped into a flower. These small treats or extras are ways of showing my love, to make it something they’ll treasure (here’s hoping anyway) and something I believe they look forward to eating and can taste differently.

I think I’ve always had a knack for coming up with my own recipes and twists…I can experiment playing with flavors quite well. We sometimes watch the British Baking Show- (another huge hit) the group of amazing bakers are building personal bread statues!! BREAD! STATUES! I watch in awe, mouth filling with drool, wishing I could take a nibble of everything the judges are lucky enough to try. Both my girls have such faith in me, they typically will look at me and say, “YOU can do that momma!” “Tomorrow…try it!”

And you know, with the New Year throwing out resolutions and what not…just kidding…..nope, I definitely won’t be trying to make bread statues. However, I’m excited to try new techniques and flavors that I’ve picked up watching the show. I’m sure I’ll be posting some of my recent favorites from the cookbooks!

Happy baking/cooking and Happy New Year to everyone


What’s to complain about?

It’s Friday and I’m happy!!

Well, I typically am most days. You see awhile back I decided to let everything go; ideas, fears, limitations, relationships that weren’t healthy, and sabotaging or holding myself back (the last one was a big one for me), or dimming my light and the essence of who I am for others sake (top worst). Along with this transformation I decided to only surround myself with people who were on the same journey to strive for perfection *reaching their highest of abilities* emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. I changed my mind, I changed how I viewed society or the tools of the world. I decided…to change my mind-to develop a new mindset…which in fact, will change your world because it certainly did mine.

Has anyone ever considered what they’re complaining about? Have you looked around or listened to people to find that they too are complaining? And for what??? It’s always something….”my spouse, my kids, my job, my body, my clothes, my things….etc etc”. Why is there complaining? My theory; people listen to others and well since that’s your surrounding, you begin following suite. You begin complaining not only because everyone else is but because you’re actually happy but don’t want to make anyone else feel different. You complain because you’ve simply made it a habit!

My list can go on 5,000 different ways as to why we are so fortunate and if you’re not careful those very words you use to criticize and complain will simply take over your life and the essence of you. You will have everything unfulfilling you could possibly *not* have wanted, you will do unfulfilling things to complain about, and you will surround yourself with bitter/ungrateful people. Sounds great, right? …..Yeah, no thank you.

I’m not saying the thoughts don’t cross my mind or the words don’t come from my own mouth occasionally, especially since I tend to be hard on myself. When this happens, I hear what I’m saying, I correct myself and then I remind myself all the blessings that surround me and all that there is to be grateful for in this world.  To think of other countries suffrage or the suffering in your own community should cause you to quickly stop the horrible habit.

It’s a beautiful day, my family is healthy, I’ve had a warm cup of coffee and water I can drink from the faucet……is…good. And if you’re reading this I’m sure yours is too and if it’s not? Change the mindset and break the habits.

Yay for the weekend y’all! I’m going to enjoy and appreciate mine and I hope y’all do the same!!