Children’s Nutrition

Good morning!! This may be a sensitive subject, but one that often doesn’t get brought up enough or maybe something parents don’t think much of. Β  Overall, I feel parents have the best of intentions. Nobody wants to create horrible lifestyle or eating habits right? Nobody wants to think they’ve already caused health issues for their children.

The reality? If you’re feeding your child fast food, processed food, sugar..and sugar…and SUGAR. You’re already creating those issues. It’s proven time and again what these foods do not only to our bodies, but our health and everything that stems from that.

Sometimes we often get on a health kick ourselves but continue to feed our child fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, or just pick up those happy meals because they’re fast. There are so many options now for “fast” yet healthy.Β  We often will use these “treats” for behavioral rewards. However, what you’re teaching your child is if they do anything good they deserve to reward themselves with unhealthy foods. How often is that used today in adults?? Constantly! (Cheat meals …overindulging in candies).

Is balance a nice and wonderful thing? Sure. We all have days that aren’t the healthiest. But if you’re making sure you eat well….your child deserves every bit of that same self love and awareness of nutrition, not to mention that health habits you’re instilling in them.

For those that say, “well they just won’t eat anything healthy” they absolutely will once they’re hungry enough and once you’ve stopped overloading their bodies with the unhealthy options.

Something I love and purchased for a snack on the go or just for added nutrition for my daughters in the morning? This wonderful pack of nutrients, tasty-sweetened with stevia, filled with enough protein and vitamins. These are safe and healthy options. There’s ALWAYS a better option than junk. Think better habits. Period. πŸ’•

For the love of a diffuser

Well as we know I love essential oils. I love diffusers just as much. A favorite mix of mine to run pretty constantly through the house is a Germ Fighter (or an immune oil) and partner it with Grapefruit. The smell of this….wowsers. And the benefits?

Purpose of a diffuser: Diffusers disperse essential oils as a fine vapor through the air so they can be absorbed gently into the body through the respiratory system.

My Fav Recipe: I use plant therapy oils

For large diffuser–

5 drops Germ Fighter or Immune: Keeps your body protected by helping ward off seasonal threats going around work or schools by keeping your body on attack.

8 drops Grapefruit: A happy oil, lightens up mental fatigue and moodiness. Causes a wonderful smell and a mood pick me up!

I found two large Diffusers off Amazon and I love them. I don’t feel you need to spend a crazy amount of money to have a great, effective diffuser added to your room.

Enjoy! πŸ’•

What I call the Mosh pit Meal

Sounds a bit crazy….and I guess it could be considering what you put into this skillet meal.

This is another quick and easy but HEALTHY recipe that’s great for yourself or your entire family. I call it the mosh pit because I get a little creative and I also use this dish as a way to use vegetables going bad. See a repetition there? I hate the feeling that I’m wasting food and money on the groceries so I make sure to utilize it all.

In this particular meal:

I used ground meat, Mexican squash, white onion, a can of tomatoes, and coleslaw cabbage mix. And I can’t ever forget my heap of garlic to add in some extra benefits. Spices included Himalayan salt, smidge of basil, parsley and oregano.

I cook my meat first, then drain whatever fat comes off. After the meat, I add the spices onion and garlic, along with all the others veggies.

Cook on low heat with the skillet lid covering so that it can really cook down and so your veggies and meat absorb all the spices/salt.

Makes for a delicious meal as is orΒ  if you choose can serve up with a bread. We love it just as it is….however when I’m feeling “extra” I’ll add some Siracha πŸ™‚ cha cha cha (sorry had to).

Enjoy πŸ’•

Dessert Cheese Ball

Okay Y’all….this is amazing. And as much as I would love to take credit for the idea of this ball of deliciousness, all due credit goes to my mother. Boy can she cook and bake up a storm-so often I’ll snag her ideas.

I needed something for a dinner party we all went to last night and I may or may not have forgotten that I would take dessert. This was perfect because it was so quick and easy to make….also seeing a theme? Other than healthy and yummy!

You’ll need:

2 packages of Cream Cheese

Brown sugar or Coconut Sugar 1/2 cup **(I obviously use the coconut because it’s much healthier and causes very low glycemic spikes.)**

Mini Chocolate chips 1/2 cup

8oz bag of Pecans (I buy the halves and then chop them –more for my money)

Vanilla Wafers

Saran or cling wrap

First soften the cream cheese, mix in the Sweetner/sugar (if warm wait until cool before adding chips) Add your chocolate chips. Once all mixed together. Put it all on your cling wrap.

Try to form a ball using the sides of the wrap….then place in your freezer to harden some. After 5 min or so, unwrap the top and cover the top of the cheeseball and sides with the pecans…you can push them in some…even sprinkle some of the chocolate chips as well on top.Β  Continue to form into a ball (or rounded top) and then cover back up and place into the refrigerator until time to serve.

When time to serve remove the saran/cling wrap and place the vanilla wafers around the dessert so that your guests can use them to dip into the ball.

Enjoy πŸ’•

Crockpot -Porkloin meal

Who doesn’t love the crockpot?!? Holy moly, talk about saving time! I feel you can almost toss in anything with a little seasoning and it’s going to be delicious.

This is a perfect meal that takes maybe 5 minutes to prepare but is a healthy option vs. going through a drive through after your day. Healthy and quick- kids love it!? Can’t ask for more than that.

I made this porkloin with the veggies from my fridge that weren’t going to last much longer. Celery, brussel sprouts, carrots, onion, Mexican squash, and a can of tomatoes. The porkloin I bought from our Neighborhood Walmart; I like the options of plain or their seasoned/marinated ones. This time I chose their Italian marinated porkloin. I enjoy a little pink Himalayan salt (many benefits in this salt) added to it all while cooking as well.

Turn your crockpot to Auto-Put your porkloin in the crockpot- chop up your veggies and place inside- add Himalayan salt- go about your day and hours later… yumm!

It’s not the prettiest dish in the crockpot but it’s certainly tasty.

What’s your favorite crockpot dish?

Happy Tuesday πŸ’•

No Sugar Added Banana Bread

My word!! What is it about the smell of banana bread floating through the house, that creates some sort of comfort? Maybe it’s from my own childhood or maybe it’s just the sweet smell that makes you want your house to smell like that everyday!

Banana bread has been a favorite of mine for so long. As much as I love trying new things or experimenting,Β  I simply love the “classic” recipes. This recipe has my heart and my daughters tummies.

I make a very simple bread using the classic recipe…HOWEVER, over the years I’ve added my own ingredients to the recipe.

You’ll need:


4/5 ripe bananas

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

3 cups flour

1 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup maple syrup **

2tsp vanilla**

1tsp cinnamon**


Preheat your oven to 300 degrees, prepare your bread pan (spray with coconut oil).

Mix together eggs, syrup, oil, vanilla,Β  then add banana while smashing down with whisk to the consistancy you desire.

Stir together cinnamon, soda, salt, flour ( I sometime will add less than a tsp of baking powder )

Pour the wet ingredients in with the dry while stirring (If it seems to thick, add a little milk or water, it will be fine).

Once it’s all mixed together pour it into the bread pan and place in the oven.


I like to let mine bake 45-60 minutes, I like when the top is a golden brown. Stick a knife through the middle to make sure the bread is cooked through.

Enjoy the lingering smell…and the taste because if your children are like mine it’s gone within a day or two!!



Wanna Taco bout it?

I can’t help it-Full blown dork here.

SO as we know I like to say that you can feed your children/self quick meals that can still be nutritious. This is one of the quickest meals but a favorite that circles around our dinner table. STEAK TACOS! In all honesty I’m a fan of buying steaks at Albertsons when there is a fancy special, buy 1 get 2/3 deal!

My favorite is to grill these steaks and serve with asparagus or Brussel sprouts as a main meal and then later use the meat as leftovers for yummy quick tacos.

First, in a large bowl I chop romaine lettuce and coleslaw mix and add to a bowl, drizzling (VERY LITTLE) ranch or cilantro ranch into the mix. Sprinkle a smidge of pink Himalayan salt-dash of pepper.

I cut the leftover steak put in a pan with a smidge (maybe 1/2tsp or less) of avocado oil, garlic, and onion. I grill the onion and then add the steak, pouring some Braggs Liquid Aminos over the meat.

Add the lettuce/slaw mix, then the meat, shredded cheese if you’d like, chop up some cilantro to sprinkle over.

My favorite thing of tacos? You can become absolutely creative and add your own favorite ingredients. You can chop cucumber, add feta cheese instead of shredded ….maybe a corn/black bean/salsa mix…your options are endless! get creative…these are just some of our family favorites.

**I typically like to use corn tortillas, softened in oil and salt. But every now and then family vote wins and I use just the crunchy taco shells from the store.