Dream Motivation

Will Smith

You Know, I have listened to this video for over 4 years now. Of course it comes and goes in waves of being played but seems to make itself present just as needed.

How many of us get so discouraged in our daily lives? Don’t see the results quick enough? Which now we have the horrible spreading of the “I want it right now” epidemic…. and most, with technology and everything else available, get it right now. Daily life is hard, trying to make huge changes in your daily habits and mindsets is hard! The ideas we have of ourselves or others and the disappointment that can follow those ideas. Life is disappointing and that’s just something you have to be okay with.

I’ve been learning in my own recent Dream Journey that for once I feel I have my “dream”- my go, my drive. Have I already asked myself what I’m doing? Absolutely! Have I already tried to change my mind? Yes! Times I’ve asked how the heck I’m going to go into something I don’t know much about? I guess I’ll figure it out. Because it feels Right! It feeds my soul and sets in on fire! And that’s how I want to live my life!

Think about it, If we break the obstacles of our dreams down into smaller components… they tend to not be so overwhelming. A small check list, a schedule, maybe five to do’s. That’s all.

Throughout all the things I’ve watched or heard people speak of it’s just having consistency, it’s learning and growing from the failures that came from learning! It’s all just a process. Just like life.

Don’t stop you’re Journey that you’re on. Don’t stop you’re dream. Watch the video and be reminded of why you’re here and you’re purpose.


Lemon-ACV- Ginger Drink

I was raised being healed or treated with all sorts of old fashioned remedies and some far fetched ones along with medicinal. I suppose that’s why I know about these concoctions long before they became popular! But I’ll tell you the benefits of these ingredients and why I recommend women AND men make it part of their daily intake. This drink is also surprisingly refreshing, sometimes consuming just water gets old.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Controls blood sugar with it’s anti glycemic effects that improve insulin. Treat Constipation due to the pectin, triggers weight loss from the acetic acid, and prevents the build up of body and liver fats.

Lemon: Aids digestion, High Vitamin C which also improves skin, supports weight loss due to its polyphenol antioxidants, promotes hydration and also freshens the breath.

Ginger: Relieves nausea, detoxes, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (aids in relieving pain).

Collagen: Anti-aging, immune boost, supports joints, ligaments cartilage and bone, heals the gut, arthritis and helps with cellulite.

Magic in a Nalgene

To make for a Nalgene—

++ add 2 caps ACV, 2 caps lemon, tsp Ginger, and scoop or pack of collagen. 2 squirts or package of stevia.

To make for a class just cut in half.

This does wonders for my stomach and my energy!

Hope y’all enjoy. I personally would try it for a few months to see the benefits then decide if you like or not. 😉


What’s to complain about?

It’s Friday and I’m happy!!

Well, I typically am most days. You see awhile back I decided to let everything go; ideas, fears, limitations, relationships that weren’t healthy, and sabotaging or holding myself back (the last one was a big one for me), or dimming my light and the essence of who I am for others sake (top worst). Along with this transformation I decided to only surround myself with people who were on the same journey to strive for perfection *reaching their highest of abilities* emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. I changed my mind, I changed how I viewed society or the tools of the world. I decided…to change my mind-to develop a new mindset…which in fact, will change your world because it certainly did mine.

Has anyone ever considered what they’re complaining about? Have you looked around or listened to people to find that they too are complaining? And for what??? It’s always something….”my spouse, my kids, my job, my body, my clothes, my things….etc etc”. Why is there complaining? My theory; people listen to others and well since that’s your surrounding, you begin following suite. You begin complaining not only because everyone else is but because you’re actually happy but don’t want to make anyone else feel different. You complain because you’ve simply made it a habit!

My list can go on 5,000 different ways as to why we are so fortunate and if you’re not careful those very words you use to criticize and complain will simply take over your life and the essence of you. You will have everything unfulfilling you could possibly *not* have wanted, you will do unfulfilling things to complain about, and you will surround yourself with bitter/ungrateful people. Sounds great, right? …..Yeah, no thank you.

I’m not saying the thoughts don’t cross my mind or the words don’t come from my own mouth occasionally, especially since I tend to be hard on myself. When this happens, I hear what I’m saying, I correct myself and then I remind myself all the blessings that surround me and all that there is to be grateful for in this world.  To think of other countries suffrage or the suffering in your own community should cause you to quickly stop the horrible habit.

It’s a beautiful day, my family is healthy, I’ve had a warm cup of coffee and water I can drink from the faucet…..life…is…good. And if you’re reading this I’m sure yours is too and if it’s not? Change the mindset and break the habits.

Yay for the weekend y’all! I’m going to enjoy and appreciate mine and I hope y’all do the same!!



Girls best friend

I’ve been super sentimental lately with this guy. I’ve had him now for 11 years and the more he groans when he lays down or the more lumps I find on him, the more I try to cherish our time.

He’s been one of my absolute blessings. When he came into my life 11 years ago (which, by the way- how the heck is that possible?! I’m only like 15 😜) I wasn’t necessarily wanting a pet. I walked outside with a bunch of rough and tumble pups and out of about six of them, this little chubby fur ball comes over- sits in front of me and looks up and that was it- I knew we were supposed to be together. He’s the smartest..I swear he gets English, responds to a lot of things with yips, groans or look, he’s comical.

He’s been my protector, supporter (you’d be surprised) and workout partner for all this time. I’m quite positive when my first daughter was born he didn’t approve of the whole deal. He didn’t dislike her, but I’m thinking he thought he was meant to be the only child and I really messed it all up. Regardless of his feelings about that- he’s protected them and herded them (and myself) numerous times. He loves us. He just can’t help himself. And he has our love in return.

💕 it’s all about those memories and moments… cherish them.

Challenge accepted

So recently I’ve been doing lots of introspective thinking and deciding how I probably need to change my mind about some things. One- was that I reminded myself that this is my life. My life only. Yes, I do my best to be a good wife, mother, daughter, friend etc. but I just reached a point of feeling like I didn’t care anymore about the other stuff (people thoughts, opinions, doing things that don’t make me happy…etc).

I decided with this that I was going to really think about what I wanted and how I want to live. How I want to touch peoples lives, make myself a better person, and be better across the board. By doing so I felt released from many things (maybe even my own burdens) and opportunities started presenting themselves.

One challenge is to remember the magic of this world and the joyful things in it. The other challenge is to retrain my mind on certain things. And lastly, I’m challenged to get myself in better shape while inspiring others letting them know what’s possible. The challenge of alllll these challenges is to stay in the moment and to remind myself that I’m capable of these things and more.

So challenges accepted. The opportunities are greatly appreciated big and small. I start my fit challenges soon (I’ll have a before picture as soon as I gather the nerve) so that should be entertaining, especially considering that I quite by accident chose one of the hardest challenge packages ðŸĪĢðŸĪŠ. If you’re wanting a new physical challenge or just to get in better shape- whatever the story may be, join me through this journey!


Much love 💕

Hill Repeats

Every runner or person wants the push to become faster or even something to change up the routine and hill repeats are awesome for this…. and let me tell you, brutal!! (Makes them more fun.) For as tough as these repeats are, they have so many benefits for your training or just to become in better shape. These repeats increase endurance, speed, and make your mental and physical game strong just from the challenge alone. You want to find a hill with enough incline to be a hill (ha) but not something that may torture you so much that form and fun are taken from the exercise.

The idea is you find the hill and either sprint or run up at about a 5k pace to the top and then jog back down, repeating this 4-8 (even 10) times. On the jog down you’ll want your body to just relax and carry itself so that you’re not even more tired, because trust me if you’re putting in the effort after the second hill you begin to wonder what you were thinking!! And let me just say if that does cross your mind, you’re thinking you want to be stronger and faster and kick some tail THAT’S WHAT! ðŸĪŠ

How To Run Hill Repeats:

1. Do these after you’ve had a small warmup before 10-15 minutes is fine.

2. Find your hill and make sure it’s at least 100m or so, remember tough enough to get the benefits but not so tough form and fun are ruined.

3. Be looking a little ahead of you so you’re focused on the hill. Don’t stare at you’re feet or the top of hill but about 10ft in front of you.

4. Run up at 5k or sprint pace, push hard and pay attention to your form. Your arms should be helping you pump up the hill, your posture should be fairly straight.

5. When you reach the top you should be breathing hard! Your legs even might hurt, just keep breathing and take it slow back down. Let the jog be your cool down, shake out your arms if you need to.

6. Repeat this; If you’re beginner I recommend doing 2-3 repeats and then try to add more as you go weekly, advanced should be able to do 6 up to 10. This is a good exercise to do once a week and it’s never a bad thing to choose various hills, inclines, or challenges.

This is a wonderful thing to accomplish because of the physical challenges but also the mental. You’ll feel great after because it was difficult but you proved you can do it. You’ll see with time that your endurance and speed really are improved.

Take care out there 💕

Love of oils

Well this weekend was jammed packed with oils!

—Definition of essential oil

: any of a class of volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odors and are used especially in perfumes and flavorings, and for aromatherapy —

–The essential oil form is made from the bark, leaves or twigs of the plant.

I grew up with essential oils and then have had or used them in my life after leaving home.

I was on a full oil kick for awhile until I felt I just couldn’t afford them anymore.

I’ve used YoungLiving, DoTerra and many others but they don’t compare to Plant Therapy. Plant therapy’s missions statement is wonderful and they donate some proceeds to charity. Their mission is for families/individuals to be able to use oils at a very reasonable price. They are primarily able to do this because they don’t have the pyramid costs/scheme (not bashing just facts).

Not only have I found all the oils so far quickly effective but my husband and daughters are responding incredibly well to them also!

On Easter my little one reached a 104.5 degree fever, this obviously had us concerned so I went and got the Peppermint, diluted and rubbed on her temples and back of her neck, within 30minutes her temp was down to 100. Incredible. I also rubbed some sweet orange on her while diffusing immune boom and germ fighter. **Yes, I also use actual medicine but very little and that’s how I prefer it.

Essential Oils are incredible and worth looking into or becoming knowledgeable about. Serious caution in using them not only on yourself but children- these are extremely high potent, so make sure you’re diluting properly and using the correct oils on kiddos. If you go with Plant therapy brand they label their bottles which are KidSafe and also have their own Kids line, they also have a diluting guideline for you as well.

This was all so on my mind from the weekend and especially from yesterday so it’s the current motivation for Monday. Find something that works for your family-affordable, healthy and has plenty of benefits.

Until next time 💕