What’s to complain about?

It’s Friday and I’m happy!!

Well, I typically am most days. You see awhile back I decided to let everything go; ideas, fears, limitations, relationships that weren’t healthy, and sabotaging or holding myself back (the last one was a big one for me), or dimming my light and the essence of who I am for others sake (top worst). Along with this transformation I decided to only surround myself with people who were on the same journey to strive for perfection *reaching their highest of abilities* emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. I changed my mind, I changed how I viewed society or the tools of the world. I decided…to change my mind-to develop a new mindset…which in fact, will change your world because it certainly did mine.

Has anyone ever considered what they’re complaining about? Have you looked around or listened to people to find that they too are complaining? And for what??? It’s always something….”my spouse, my kids, my job, my body, my clothes, my things….etc etc”. Why is there complaining? My theory; people listen to others and well since that’s your surrounding, you begin following suite. You begin complaining not only because everyone else is but because you’re actually happy but don’t want to make anyone else feel different. You complain because you’ve simply made it a habit!

My list can go on 5,000 different ways as to why we are so fortunate and if you’re not careful those very words you use to criticize and complain will simply take over your life and the essence of you. You will have everything unfulfilling you could possibly *not* have wanted, you will do unfulfilling things to complain about, and you will surround yourself with bitter/ungrateful people. Sounds great, right? …..Yeah, no thank you.

I’m not saying the thoughts don’t cross my mind or the words don’t come from my own mouth occasionally, especially since I tend to be hard on myself. When this happens, I hear what I’m saying, I correct myself and then I remind myself all the blessings that surround me and all that there is to be grateful for in this world.┬á To think of other countries suffrage or the suffering in your own community should cause you to quickly stop the horrible habit.

It’s a beautiful day, my family is healthy, I’ve had a warm cup of coffee and water I can drink from the faucet…..life…is…good. And if you’re reading this I’m sure yours is too and if it’s not? Change the mindset and break the habits.

Yay for the weekend y’all! I’m going to enjoy and appreciate mine and I hope y’all do the same!!



Girls best friend

I’ve been super sentimental lately with this guy. I’ve had him now for 11 years and the more he groans when he lays down or the more lumps I find on him, the more I try to cherish our time.

He’s been one of my absolute blessings. When he came into my life 11 years ago (which, by the way- how the heck is that possible?! I’m only like 15 ­čśť) I wasn’t necessarily wanting a pet. I walked outside with a bunch of rough and tumble pups and out of about six of them, this little chubby fur ball comes over- sits in front of me and looks up and that was it- I knew we were supposed to be together. He’s the smartest..I swear he gets English, responds to a lot of things with yips, groans or look, he’s comical.

He’s been my protector, supporter (you’d be surprised) and workout partner for all this time. I’m quite positive when my first daughter was born he didn’t approve of the whole deal. He didn’t dislike her, but I’m thinking he thought he was meant to be the only child and I really messed it all up. Regardless of his feelings about that- he’s protected them and herded them (and myself) numerous times. He loves us. He just can’t help himself. And he has our love in return.

­čĺĽ it’s all about those memories and moments… cherish them.

Motivational Monday—Salma Hayek

I’m always a fan when celebrities┬ásay inspiring or motivational things. Words that are useful and mean something rather than the things that use some brain cells that I could’ve used for┬á better information.

Not only do I think Salma is gorgeous and inspiring I respect her…which is rare. Here’s something she’s said in The InStyle Magazine July 2013 issue. It’s a good piece of advice, words that can ring some truth.

“You’ve got to take who you are and love who you are and do the best you can with what you’ve got. That goes for the figure, and it goes for everything else. You’ve got to have a sense of humor about who you are and give yourself a break. You’ve got to be kind to yourself. And it’s not easy, you know? But you need to have this sort of relationship with yourself-otherwise, life is hell. Sometimes evolving doesn’t mean transforming; sometimes it just means owning what is there.”

Not only do I agree, Salma says it well…..young women out there PLEASE read something from her rather than listen to Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus…plllease!

Go be kind today—Happy Monday!



Since I won’t be writing Sunday, I thought I’d dedicate a blog just to the Mothers. First and foremost I guess I should thank my mom… ;). Who better be reading this!

To my Mother: Thank you for being the strong hand and heart and the person whose always been such a strong influence and role model. I know you have cried tears of joy, anger, worry, despair, and pride on my behalf and I’m sorry and also glad some could be happy tears. As you always told me I would never understand the feelings of a mother until I became one. To you- my kind, beautiful, strong and elegant mother you have my upmost respect and heart. I am so thankful and honored that I am your daughter, that I’ve had the privilege of sharing stories and laughter with you most of the years. I was never afraid to go to you about anything and you have become my very best friend. I look back now and see exactly what you were doing when I would be ranting and you would just comment on how beautiful the mountains were, when you would pull the car over the side of the road and make us get out and dance, and when you were discouraged for me you never let it show. It took much courage to raise me and I don’t even know if I’ve put that lightly. You were able to let me go when I’m sure more than anything you wanted to tie me up and toss me in the basement. You’ve watched as I’ve made numerous “not so great” decisions and you’ve never berated me for that or made me feel like I was less of a person in that moment. You’ve only encouraged my strong will, beauty from within, kindness and determination that I carry….you’ve never made it seem like a bad thing even when I was convinced it was. All my faults you’ve tamed and all my gifts you only made them appear brighter and guided me on how to use them. You often tell me how amazed you are of where I am with myself and in my life for my age and I have to tell you that I didn’t do this on my own. I thank you from the very depth of my being. I look forward to sitting on the porch with you when you’re 90 and I’m 60 having a glass of tea, watching the sun, listening to our wisdom then pass, and us appreciating the beauty of the world.

My life changed when I saw the positive on the pregnancy test. I had always felt a little like something was missing….after the birth of my two daughters I have to say I feel complete. They were both the best birthday gifts I could’ve asked for (found out preg. with both at that time). I understood within the first trimester what the heck REAL worry was all about. It was terrifying and still terrifies now. When I went in at 33 weeks because I felt strange with my first daughter-who was ready to be born I certainly couldn’t comprehend even then what it would do to me. I still remember almost every detail about that day….the nurse came to finally check me before they were to send me home, she paused looked at me and said “you’re going to have this baby in 30 minutes.” Uh, excuse me? Well, an emergency C-section and probably 30 minutes later I still had no clue the love and strength that I already held for my daughter. I didn’t get to hold her right away, it was not an ideal first child situation….but it was WONDERFUL. I saw her and welcomed her to the world, telling her that her journey had only just begun. A tiger of a mother tore through me and I proved in the 3 weeks in the hospital that I would kill you for my child and her needs. I went from being a tad unsure of how to deal with people or anyone to someone that has no doubts now. The world could have ended the moment I first held her and our eyes locked and I wouldn’t have noticed. She became my heart. She was a wonderful growing tool for me and still is. She helps me try to relax because she’s sadly so much like her mother and gets a little excited about the “little stuff”.

My second daughter came and I didn’t think there was room in my heart. Terrified and worried again. She was born and it was all easy breezy, we went home the next day (C-section and all). A heart that I was concerned wouldn’t have enough room she melted and only reconstructed larger. She helps me laugh at the “little things” with her and has helped me learn to loosen up and enjoy the ride.

They both are the light of my eyes, my heart and soul. I have NEVER entered a more challenging role than I have when I became a mother. I’m so very thankful and blessed with my beautiful, loving, kind and very precocious/special girls. Even though this is the most challenging role…I’ve never been one to back down, I only try to figure out how to become better and I’m hoping that will happen with time and patience.

Tears are rolling down in gratitude alone that I can be one of the most influential and important person to my daughters. To all you Mothers….it’s hard at times, glorious at times, funny at times, best/worst of times. Just keep hanging on for the ride and enjoy!

Happy Mothers Day!