Wordy Wednesday—

Whew, so with the moving and stress and settling in….I have slacked on blogging. And I’m not promising for the blogs to continue like normal after today, but I’m working on getting back into the routine. They probably will just be words or poems that I snag from others but that I enjoy, because I either don’t want to write the words myself as of late or not sure what I want to say when I do.  Here’s a little something:

We were standing in the rain

The sun would not shine through the dark ahead

The umbrella of lies didn’t protect the truth

As the rain kept pouring down

As I slipped away my hand so he could walk away, I saw a glimpse of what I already knew would happen anyway

When he left me crying in the rain, with acid water all around

I turned and left in my own direction and my soggy shoes found dry ground

The dark clouds began to part as I continued to walk my own way, the sun began to shine through all the gray….

Then only tears remained


Happy Wednesday—Be kind!

I was Made Erec…

I was Made Erect and Lone……

Henry David Thoreau

I was Made Erect and Lone

I was made erect and lone,
And within me is the bone;
Still my vision will be clear,
Still my life will not be drear,
To the center all is near.
Where I sit there is my throne.
If age choose to sit apart,
If age choose, give me the start,
Take the sap and leave the heart. 

Henry David Thoreau
This is one for me lately……what poem suits you? 
Happy Wordy Wednesday and be kind!

Techno and Poems

Something to share. Talk about realizing how important your phone means to you. Couldn’t blog or do anything because my phone went a little nutsy. I’m not going to say I was about to lose it, but it did bother me that I couldn’t do anything. This is just something I thought I’d share, I hope you all have a good Monday and whatever you’ve kept within….

Unleash what’s held within

She’d thought but didn’t now someone else could see the glow, with his magic eye and flashing light he could see what rested inside.

What’s been buried long ago and made secret so no one would know, the self she tries to hide was caught by surprise. A part held so dear trying to let go without fear. Come out come out wherever you are. Could the disguise be gone? Or is she tired of being hidden for so long?

Unleash what’s held within

Maybe a little at a time she’ll come out of hiding and shine, but with the flash that met her eyes and awoke her deep within, she’ll never be the same again. She wonders does he know what she awoke in him? Yes, let the unleashing begin.

Unleash what’s held within