Growing Pains

I’ve wrote about the struggle of growth. How to face change with bravery and push through even the discomfort. It’s never been said it was easy. A conversation my husband and I had with our daughters,  that very seldom is the better option or the option to stand out from the rest, the easy option. The hard one is difficult for a reason but in the end will allow such growth.

This guy is my story of my biggest growing pain. For so long I had imagined a tall, dark haired guy with light eyes-even to the point of knowing his name “Jake”(just Jake). I always imagined he would be an officer of some sort…someone who helped others constantly.

It took me forever to meet him. Would I have eventually? Perhaps…probably. It turns out I didn’t meet him until after a divorce and after two daughters of my own. After I was stuck believing I wouldn’t meet anyone ever that I would consider a life with again. After heartache of loss from before. After being “stuck in my ways”,  be it independence-or my own ornery self. It was after. It was a struggle.

He came in and though his name fit, the career and looks….he wasn’t quite what I thought—because you see? He had lived his own crazy journey. So here I was, shocked this was my guy. It was painful. Painful to let go of my ideas, my ways of doing everything, the independence I had grown from being single. The fact I was bringing someone into my daughters life, who I SWORE would only be there if he loved them just as much as he did myself. And guess what? He did!

I believe everything happens for a reason because at one point when I was trying to run as fast as I could away from this man. I felt like I had been plucked up and sat right back in front of him (I tried this a few times). I have no problem with saying goodbye and no longer speaking to people…but apparently he was difficult to run away from.

He pushes me. As much as he drives me crazy–he pushes me to be better. He has every reason not to love anything or anyone and he loves with his whole heart. But the point of it all? It made me uncomfortable! Every now and then when I remember it’s not just my girls and I-I’m uncomfortable! But if I had ran away and let it all go? I would’ve missed out on such an amazing man, my Jake….my opportunity to grow in every way imaginable because of the love and what he provides me. Much to my dismay….he grew…and grew–even with the discomfort. So STOP being afraid of discomfort. STOP running if you’re uncomfortable (Unless it’s a total crap move – just sayin’).

If it fits…let it take you and let yourself grow.

Meet Jake…just Jake 💕

Comfort is the enemy

Fear and comfort….what a duo. The two are trying to take over constantly in this world. What a waste of life spending our time dwelling on these two things. Living in fear over things that don’t happen, the possibility that they might, or your own fear of not being good enough, ready, blah blah get in the way.

The comfort….the short comfort food or drinks provide. The comfort of not wanting to BE UNCOMFORTABLE. The comfort of doing the exact same thing daily. Talking to the same people knowing they don’t do you a bit of good. The comfort of not wanting to push any boundaries because it might hurt. Don’t want to try a new workout, it may be uncomfortable, it may push you, it may be hard. What about all things that can hurt you emotionally, physically, mentally or just be a risk because it hits a pain point.

Our life wasn’t meant to be comfortable. We weren’t meant to sip martini’s on the beach everyday. We were meant to learn and grow. Everything that happens is for growth, so that we can become our higher self. The person God intended us to be. But if we’re spending our time zoned out on the TV every free second we get? If you’re going to the bar that gives you a hit only momentarily? If you still have friends that aren’t worth anything and continue to bring you down? GET UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Stop wasting life! Be uncomfortable and make uncomfortable changes. Take the lessons and learn from it all. Otherwise, you’re just that person that came here and what? You didn’t grow, you didn’t develop, you didn’t serve a purpose, you didn’t push to make a difference….you just stayed comfortable.

When it’s all said and done…and there’s no growth…possibly more damage than good….what was your purpose?

Just like Magic

Well it happened. I finally have found something other than motherhood or myself to completely embrace and emerge myself into. I’ve found that I have something I love and something I feel fulfilled doing. And as I’m told quite a bit recently, that alone is a blessing.

It all started with the challenge….then I began accepting ALL challenges. Don’t think I can sing? Try me. Wanna race? I’ll give you a head start! Yes, it’s madness! I might just end up attempting all sorts of things on this journey of life.

My most favorite thing and probably what I’ve struggled to find my “career” in forever? Helping people and Fitness. I’ve been active since I was three but I’ve yet to enjoy what I’m doing now 95% of the time. It’s always wanting to make a difference….and well, I’ve found it. I found something that provides another source of income, freedom in my own scheduling, major perks and bonuses with the company…all to help others. So, just like magic–I’m in love. Not just in love with the “work”, but also the workouts and the nutrition side of it…I don’t have one single thing I DON’T like. Can I get an amen?!

I want to share this opportunity with those out there that are struggling for their niche. If they want to help others become better than yesterday. To remind people they can do anything and help guide them along the way. You can be in any shape or have any body type, you just need to be amazing in your own way. Live 2018 in a new way, new mindset while becoming a better version of yourself.

Please email me if interested: Email or  Instagram

Here’s to new adventures and finding your magic wherever or whatever that may be.


Girls best friend

I’ve been super sentimental lately with this guy. I’ve had him now for 11 years and the more he groans when he lays down or the more lumps I find on him, the more I try to cherish our time.

He’s been one of my absolute blessings. When he came into my life 11 years ago (which, by the way- how the heck is that possible?! I’m only like 15 😜) I wasn’t necessarily wanting a pet. I walked outside with a bunch of rough and tumble pups and out of about six of them, this little chubby fur ball comes over- sits in front of me and looks up and that was it- I knew we were supposed to be together. He’s the smartest..I swear he gets English, responds to a lot of things with yips, groans or look, he’s comical.

He’s been my protector, supporter (you’d be surprised) and workout partner for all this time. I’m quite positive when my first daughter was born he didn’t approve of the whole deal. He didn’t dislike her, but I’m thinking he thought he was meant to be the only child and I really messed it all up. Regardless of his feelings about that- he’s protected them and herded them (and myself) numerous times. He loves us. He just can’t help himself. And he has our love in return.

💕 it’s all about those memories and moments… cherish them.

Challenge accepted

So recently I’ve been doing lots of introspective thinking and deciding how I probably need to change my mind about some things. One- was that I reminded myself that this is my life. My life only. Yes, I do my best to be a good wife, mother, daughter, friend etc. but I just reached a point of feeling like I didn’t care anymore about the other stuff (people thoughts, opinions, doing things that don’t make me happy…etc).

I decided with this that I was going to really think about what I wanted and how I want to live. How I want to touch peoples lives, make myself a better person, and be better across the board. By doing so I felt released from many things (maybe even my own burdens) and opportunities started presenting themselves.

One challenge is to remember the magic of this world and the joyful things in it. The other challenge is to retrain my mind on certain things. And lastly, I’m challenged to get myself in better shape while inspiring others letting them know what’s possible. The challenge of alllll these challenges is to stay in the moment and to remind myself that I’m capable of these things and more.

So challenges accepted. The opportunities are greatly appreciated big and small. I start my fit challenges soon (I’ll have a before picture as soon as I gather the nerve) so that should be entertaining, especially considering that I quite by accident chose one of the hardest challenge packages 🤣🤪. If you’re wanting a new physical challenge or just to get in better shape- whatever the story may be, join me through this journey!

Click on My Fitspo page for more info 🙂

Much love 💕

“Few men during…

“Few men during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used.” Richard E. Byrd

It’s a Wordy Wednesday so I think I’ll just do a little poetry. I love the quote above, but in fact it takes great courage to dig into the deep wells of strength that are never used.


To lead the life you call your OWN takes much strength and courage than is ever known

You change your life  you can’t just walk away from the life you created for the end of day

Not everyone can be saved my dear, but then who will make it becomes your fear

The battle isn’t yet won and everyone hasn’t come undone. Eventually it will be lost forever in a time you won’t be able to remember.

Sometimes to save a life doesn’t mean to risk your own-know your situation and if your life is worth letting go.

The strength inside you that resonates you’ll discover soon, there’s more than just the strength and fiery will that’s ignited in you.

But in this lifetime as we know it, your life is more important.

Let it go….Let it go

Just a little random poetry

The bomb went off, but somehow I’m still moving. My blue eye filled with grey smoke clouds as I watched part of me dying. My body still reeks of gasoline, I hear people crying. I feel the burning of my skin and I can still taste the blood in my mouth.

Like a robot I just keep moving, walking away from something I never had. Watch all the burning and the people going mad.

Two little hands seem to find mine, somehow they live without a scratch. Tears roll down my charred face, just got to get away, get away.

I can see a light at the end where the little hands lead me, with someone holding open the door, maybe I can get my torched body to make it a few steps more.

The bomb went off, but somehow I’m still moving.


A little late on the post today–Enjoy your day and be kind!!